About Suing A Dentist After A Negligent Root Canal Procedure

Did your teenager pass away shortly after he or she received a root canal? If you believe that the death was the result of negligence on behalf of the dentist, a lawyer will be able to help you get to the bottom of the dispute. This article will explain a few of the services that you can expect a lawyer to provide to make sure justice is served.

Discuss Your Teenagers Overall Health Before Death

A lawyer will want to make sure that no underlying medical conditions could have caused your teens death. For instance, you will be sked if your teen was being treated for anything prior to the root canal procedure. The lawyer will also want to know about the severity of your teens oral health before the root canal was done.

Find Out What Possibly Went Wrong

The lawyer will examine your teenager's dental records and show a few dental professionals for their view on what went wrong. The dentists will also be asked how they would have gone about treating your teen. For instance, if your teen had a tooth infection before the root canal procedure, it should have been treated in advance to prevent sepsis. Basically, sepsis occurs when the body tries to fight an infection, such as if the root canal led to an untreated bacterial infection that got into your teen's bloodstream.

Perform an Investigation On the Dentist in Question

Your lawyer will find out if the dentist in question has a history of treating patients in a negligent manner. The lawyer will also look for any past cases against the dentist that are similar to what your teen experienced. Depending on how the investigation turns out, it is possible that the dentist can be faced with criminal charges along with the negligence.

Come Up with a Justifiable Lawsuit Amount

There are a few things that you can get compensated for, including the funeral expenses for your teenager. If the funeral has already taken place, give your lawyer copies of all of the receipts. Estimates of the expected expenses can be used as evidence if the funeral is still being planned. You can also get paid for all of the medical expenses that are related to the root canal. Your pain and suffering, lost wages from dealing with the situation, as well as mental anguish can be calculated into the settlement amount. Talk to a wrongful death lawyer like Master Weinstein Moyer PC as soon as you are ready.