Does A Child With Anxiety Qualify For SSI?

Being the parent of a child with a mental or medical disorder can be expensive. If you have a child with clinical anxiety, for example, you may wonder if there is any kind of financial assistance your family is entitled to. Does a child with clinical anxiety qualify for social security income?

The Disability Evaluation is Necessary

Your child will not qualify for mild anxiety symptoms. If your child has severe clinical anxiety, he or she may qualify for SSI. To meet the special qualifications, you must have the necessary documentation as proof of its severity as follows:

  • Excessive and continued avoidance of strangers
  • Excessive and continued anxiety such as sweating, upset stomach, racing heart, tensed muscles, lightheadedness, or being excessively alert to dangerous situations
  • Obsessive or compulsive actions that continue to cause distress
  • Extreme anxiety of separation from a parent/guardian
  • Severe panic attacks (averaging once weekly)
  • Recalling dreams or an experience that causes distress

If a child is attending school, teachers can help with the process by providing information about the work that is submitted to them. Age-related activities are performed daily including school reports that can show examples of functional abilities pertaining to the child. It will also show where the child might be lacking in attention span, persistence, and the pace the child can work.

Children from Ages One to Three

Your child must display issues causing developmental progress to become delayed. The categories of concern are social functioning, communication/cognitive functions, and motor skills issues. Social functions can include how the child reacts to a stranger and bonding issues. Cognitive refers how the child is developing with language and intellectual aspects.

Each of these areas will be tested and screened by the child's doctor to diagnose whether the child can qualify for SSI. If your child cannot perform within his/her specific age group, there is probably reason to believe your child will qualify. If two of these three areas aren't functioning, it means your child is not functioning within a specified age group.

Children from Three to Eighteen

Marked impairments must be shown in areas that are appropriate for your child's age group, and your child must have at least two of the following issues:

  • Personal malfunctioning: Can your child take care of personal health and safety?
  • Social malfunctioning: Can your child create and maintain personal relationships?
  • Issues maintaining concentration: Is your child having problems concentrating or focusing on one topic at a time?
  • Communication Issues: Is your child able to progress with language and intelligence levels within the specific age group?

These categories are processed by the Social Security Administration and the Disability Determination Services or DDS. You can obtain the paperwork for the process by mail, telephone, or online for your convenience. Your child is an essential part of your life. By filing for SSI, the care given can be more substantial and provide a better environment for your child with the additional benefits. For more information, contact an attorney, such as Scott E. Shaffman Attorney At Law, who specializes in long term disability insurance benefits.