Not Sure If Your Injury Is VA Claim-Worthy?

Not all Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claims are for missing limbs or devastating mental issues. Every issue that affects you ability to work, live or simply exist is worthy of compensation, and with the amazingly high budget of the VA, you're not taking away from other veterans. Take a look at what can be considered a valid claim with the VA, and don't leave money or help on the table to go unused.

All Problems Are Worth Taking A Look

The VA exists to help veterans, and if you're not being helped, the VA isn't doing its job. There's no reason for you to deal with chronic pain, mental unrest or what could be the onset of a disease or complication, since the VA is ready to take in every veteran.

When it comes to disability, what constitutes a problem? Do you slow down at work because of pain? Do you have to buy pain pills or take some time to yourself to recover from a bad situation? Just because you can recover on your own doesn't mean you should. Wouldn't work be a lot easier if you didn't have to tough it out?

If you've ever said or thought that you can just deal with a problem, that's proof of a problem. Thankfully, filing a claim for a small problem isn't a big deal, and there's no penalty for figuring out if you have a problem or not. The VA can give you an answer, and you can work from there.

If you're eligible for VA disability, but you really do have a manageable problem, you won't be taking some large amount of money for nothing. Monetary compensation is awarded by percentage, so the VA will give you a rating and payment amount that fits what they think you deserve. If the VA thinks that you don't need disability, but you may have a problem, you can be helped with basic benefits unless the problem worsens or is appealed for an award.

This Really Is A Problem, But The VA Disagrees

Some veterans have real conditions and need help, but are reluctant to file an appeal after being denied. Never quit with your appeal. If you've already filed an appeal or have been denied more than once, it isn't because the process is impossible. You may simply need a professional to help.

Unless you're a lawyer, you don't know all of the possible ways to push a claim or appeal through. It's not common sense, and it's not something that you can pick up on with decades of military experience. There may be a few unique situations and pieces of evidence that you either don't know about or don't have the resources to discover.

The Agent Orange incident, for example, was denied and battled for decades before veterans were compensated. Many veterans died from complications caused by Agent Orange into their old age due to the long process. It isn't just a question of fighting or simply passing away without causing a fuss, since your family and friends will be affected as well. Take care of yourself and make sure that your survivors have legal ground to support their loss by getting a lawyer on your side.

Like some other conditions, Agent Orange has its own information page at the Veterans Affairs website. You could have a similar condition that hasn't been discovered yet, or a less drastic issue that needs the right professional to argue for you. Contact a team of personal injury attorneys, like those at Vick & Glantz, LLP, to make your appeal succeed, no matter how complex the condition.