3 Tips For Obtaining Workers' Compensation

If you've had the unfortunate bad luck of being hurt at work, this can make for a stressful time in your life. The challenges of physically recovering can be long and expensive at the same time. Being faced with medical bills that are nearly impossible to pay is sure to contribute even more to your elevated anxiety levels. The most efficient way for you to get back your healthy and financial feet is by receiving workers' compensation from your employer. It's your legal right to do so, but you must be prepared in advance for what is necessary for you to achieve your goal.

Tip #1: Notify your employer

As soon as you do get hurt, you need to let your employer know about the injury. This alerts the company about what happened right away, and you will automatically be given the advice you need to follow.

For instance, you may need to see a particular doctor that is only on the list your employer has for medical treatment. If you go to one on your own, you may be denied payment for doing so.

Additionally, immediate notification of your accident to your employer indicates that you were hurt. Even waiting a few days could decrease the belief that an accident did occur in the mind of your employer.

Tip #2: Authorize release of your records

It's your job to let your medical providers release all of the records about your injury to your employer.  This is typically done by signing a form, and this only takes a minute or two of your time to completed.

Failing to sign this form could forfeit your right to receive workers' compensation at all.

Tip #3: Receive proper treatment

When your employer allows you to get this coverage, this is typically set by law, but the employer also has a vested interest, as well. For instance, if you've undergone extensive training to do a job for this company, then you are a valuable asset here.

It is typically necessary for any individual that's injured to receive the treatment that is recommended by your doctor to be compensated for your injuries. 

There are numerous benefits to being able to qualify for workers' compensation and one of these certainly mean easing your burden. However, if you have a problem recovering your losses, be sure to meet with a workers compensation attorney, such as one from Neifert Byrne & Ozga, to assist you today!