3 Questions To Ask A Prospective Workers' Compensation Lawyer When Hiring Them

An employee who gets injured at their workplace because of the employer's negligence deserves a handsome settlement. However, the process is always a bit challenging and frustrating, mainly when the victim handles it alone. Remember that the employer may sometimes not accept fault easily. Actually, they may insist that the employee sustained injuries because they were negligent or didn't observe some safety rules. So as a victim, you need to hire a workers' compensation lawyer to file a case against the company or employer's negligence. But you have to ensure you hire the right lawyer to increase the chances of fair compensation, and you can do so by asking the prospective lawyer the following questions.

Do You Fully Understand Workers Compensation Law?

You definitely need a competent lawyer to deal with a workers' compensation lawsuit. Typically, workers' compensation cases are usually complex, and they can be humiliating when you don't hire a lawyer who understands workers' compensation law to represent you. For this reason, you should find out whether they are licensed and check their track record. Ask them if they have handled several trials and perhaps the results of each case. Where possible, you should hire a workers' compensation lawyer who has dealt with similar lawsuits to yours because they know how best they can handle them.

How Much Should I Expect?

Of course, everyone expects a fair settlement when filing a claim for the injuries they sustained at their workplace. However, the amount varies from one person to another, depending on several factors. But it's always good to have an idea of what you will likely get. A workers' compensation lawyer will assess the situation and be honest about the amount you should expect. In most cases, how much you spent on medication could tilt the figure. If you are permanently disabled or won't be able to work any longer, the lawyer will also consider these aspects when estimating your settlement.

How Much Will the Legal Process Cost Me?

Remember that your workers' compensation lawyer expects payment for their legal services. So it's good to ask them how much they will charge you. Also, ask them about their payment terms and structure to see if they are friendlier. Ensure you also know how much you should pay as consultation fees. Some lawyers demand upfront payment before the case begins, while others expect it after you have received your settlement. Where possible, choose a lawyer who outlines their payment plan on a contingency basis because they help you avoid unnecessary delays. 

To learn more about workers' compensation, reach out to a workers' comp law firm.