How A Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help You If Your Approval Is Denied

Accidents or illnesses can make you disabled. If your condition keeps you from working and providing for your family as you used to do, you can be stressed. It's also likely that you'll be worried about supporting your loved ones and caring for yourself. Luckily, the government offers benefits to incapacitated individuals who can no longer work due to their condition. You can apply for an SSD and continue maintaining your lifestyle. The only challenge is that your application may be denied. An SSD lawyer can appeal this decision and get your request approved. Here's how these attorneys will help you:

They'll Find out Why Your Application Isn't Approved

Your SSD benefits request may be turned down for several reasons. It could be you've offered the wrong information, attached inadequate evidence about your condition, or you're being suspected of committing fraud. Sometimes, due to many applications, the SSA may also wrongfully deny your request if they think it's not filled out correctly. 

A lawyer will determine why your request has been disapproved. If it's because of wrong information or lack of medical proof, they'll ensure you get all the required documents and do another application. They'll also tell you your income limitation depending on your insurance policy, government bonds, and assets and submit the paperwork before the deadline.

They'll Ensure You Follow the Right Process

The law clearly outlines an appeal process for an SSD reapplication. If you want your request to be accepted, it's prudent to follow this procedure. SSD lawyers know this and can help you get every step right. They'll ensure that the right examiners analyze your appeal during reconsideration to find out whether the denial should be overturned. They'll also argue your case and explain to the authorities why you should receive the benefits. The best thing about these attorneys is that they know what needs to be done to increase approval.

They'll Equip You for Hearing

Most interactions with the SSA are usually done through phone calls or emails. However, you may have to appear before a judge and answer all the questions they ask you during the appeal process. Having an SSD lawyer by your side will make this process simple. They'll ensure you arrive for the hearing on time and prepare you to answer any questions asked. They'll also show you how to offer your narrative in a very convincing way to let the judge know why you're unable to work. This will boost the chances of your approval.

The thought that your denied claim approval can be overturned is sweet to the ears. However, you require a lawyer in your corner to ensure you follow the correct steps and submit the proper documentation. Contact a social security disability lawyer for more information.