Common Types of Job Site Accidents That Require Legal Help

The construction industry employs a significantly large number of people in the country. But compared to other industries, it contributes to so many accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the job site. Poor training before implementing new construction technology is one of the top causes of these occurrences.

Whether you are a worker, manager, or passer-by, you should pursue compensation for injuries you incur on a construction site. Keep reading to learn the issues that a job site accident lawyer can help you resolve.

Falling Objects Accidents 

Some constructions involve workers performing tasks at high levels of the building. As such, you will find forklifts, scaffolding, and cranes that lift and support workers on various levels. Unfortunately, even with this equipment in place, objects still fall from heights.

If equipment or construction material falls from a higher level and hits someone on the ground, they could get severe or fatal injuries. Even so, you can reduce the severity of these injuries by wearing protective gear such as helmets. Other than workers, passers-by are also at risk of falling objects. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and falls can lead to injuries. No matter how well you try to secure your construction site, there will always be dangers lurking. Slip and fall accidents often lead to head and brain injuries, spinal damage, fractures, broken bones, and torn soft tissues. They can also incapacitate the patients.

If you haven't secured the site well enough, outsiders using the nearby roads might also fall and get injuries. Injured workers slow down your construction progress and also become a financial liability.

Electrocution Accidents 

Some of the tools your workers utilize in construction use electrical power. If improperly connected, the wires can cause electrocution. Electrical shocks usually cause significant burns and can even kill the victim. In addition, recovery needs the person to keep off work for weeks, which compromises their earning capacity.

Building Collapse Accidents

Two circumstances can lead to building collapse. First, a planned demolition could get out of hand and lead to collapse, injuring workers and other people. Second, a poorly constructed or reinforced building might collapse during the process. The liabilities involved in these accidents can drain all your finances if you do not get job site accident lawyers on board.

The construction site is naturally dangerous, and liabilities can arise unexpectedly. Therefore, you should ensure your site upholds the required safety precautions at all times. But when accidents happen, engage a job site accident lawyer to get a quick resolution and void the loss of time and money.