Could Medication Be Responsible For Your Baby's Birth Defects? 4 Steps You Need To Take Right Away

If your child was born with birth defects, and you believe those defects were caused by a medication you took, it's time to take action. You might not realize this, but there are many prescription medications that have been found to cause birth defects. Some of those medications include ACE inhibitors, Zofran, and some acne medications. Unfortunately, manufacturers continue to market those medications to doctors throughout the United States. If you feel that your baby was harmed by one of those medications, here are four steps you need to take right away. 

Do Your Research

If you feel that the medication you took was responsible for your baby's birth defects, you need to do your research. Now is the time to learn as much as you can about the medication that you took. Your research should include the types of birth defects that can be caused by the medication you were prescribed. It's also important that you identify the number of lawsuits that are pending against the manufacturer of the medication. This research will help you to understand the defects that your baby is suffering from. It will also help you to identify any class action lawsuits that might be pending. 

Gather Your Medical Records

If your baby was born with birth defects, it's important that you gather your medical records. You'll want to have a record of any medical care you received during your pregnancy. But, you also want to gather medical records from your primary care physician. This is especially true if it was your primary care physician who prescribed the medication. 

Protect Your Baby's Rights

If your doctor failed to diagnose the birth defect prior to birth, or if they were responsible for prescribing the medication, they may try to reach out to you for a settlement. Before you discuss the birth defects or any legal action you might be considering, take steps to protect your baby's rights. Depending on the severity of the defects, your baby may require a lifetime of medical care. You want to make sure that any settlement you receive takes those needs into consideration. 

Speak to a Birth Defect Lawyer

If you were prescribed medication that could have caused the birth defects that your baby is suffering from, you need to speak to a birth defect lawyer immediately. Birth defect attorneys can help you to receive the compensation you'll need to provide for the care that your baby will require throughout their life, including any medical care they may need in the future.