What To Do When Your Child Is In A Car Accident With Someone Else

A phone call that your child has been in an accident in someone's else car is horrible news to hear. However, it's also a time for action. An accident is never a good thing, but when the crash occurs, and you're nowhere in sight, the situation creates an extra layer of confusion and stress. In a condition like this, your primary goal is to safeguard the wellbeing of your child. Learn some steps you should take to work toward the goal.

Seek Medical Treatment

Take your child to receive a medical evaluation as soon as possible, even if your child is not showing any visible injuries. Particularly with younger children, the child may not immediately relay any information to you about how they feel. It's better to have a physician look over your child to ensure they are fine. In some instances, the physician may even schedule a follow appointment to recheck the child for any potential injuries from the accident. 

Obtain the Driver's Information

Ensure you collect the driver information for the individual that was driving the car at the time of the accident. Collect their driver's license number and their insurance information. In the event you need to file a claim for any injuries your child receives, their insurance information will prove vital. If the individual did not cause the accident, ask them if they have the information for the driver that caused the accident since you will need this information as well.

Get a Police Report

Visit the police station to request a copy of the police report. Should you pursue a legal claim for your child, the information on the report will provide you with specific details about the accident so that you know which direction to proceed forward in. Ask the person that was driving the vehicle if they don't mind coming with you. In some instances, only the person listed on the report may be able to obtain it.

Hire an Attorney

Hire a separate attorney for your child, even if the driver has an attorney. An attorney's responsibility is to their client, so there is no guarantee that the other person's attorney will be able to fight on your child's behalf as they deserve. Additionally, the parameters of a personal injury claim are different for children. For example, the statute of limitations is much longer for children than adults. The attorney will work specifically based on the needs and guidelines of a child victim. 

If your child was involved in an accident, ensure you take action right away. It's up to you to ensure your child is taken care. Contact local personal injury attorneys that will diligently work with you on this matter to learn more.