Suing After Getting Injured In A Bicycle Accident: Things To Know

Were you ejected from your bicycle and injured after someone bumped the back of your bike with his or her vehicle? You might be eligible to receive compensation for what the other party caused you to suffer through. Find out in this article what might go on during the process of a lawyer working on your personal injury lawsuit to help you achieve satisfactory results.

Getting Your Case Accepted by a Lawyer

You must answer various questions that a lawyer will ask before he or she will decide if your case is worthy of accepting. You should not assume that you automatically have a strong case due to your bicycle being hit by a vehicle, as there are situations that could put you at fault in the incident. For instance, the lawyer will need to know if you suddenly turned onto a busy road and the other party may have not had enough time to slow down. Even if the accident report says that you are not at fault, a lawyer will make his or her own assessment of the incident in case the other party decides to contest your lawsuit. You must make sure the information provided to the lawyer is truthful so you can maintain credibility in court later on in the process.

The Assessment of Your Injury

Your lawyer will thoroughly assess your injury to make sure that you are paid for everything deserved, including lost wages and medical treatment. For instance, he or she can help you obtain enough money to get handicap accessible equipment installed in your house if it is needed. You will also get money to take care of your mental health if the incident left you traumatized. You can provide medical records of what you are being treated for, as well as how much money you have already spent on the bills. The lawyer will then be able to help you recoup what has been paid and obtain money for any future treatment that is needed for the injury.

Getting in Touch with the Other Party

The other party will be contacted about your lawsuit as soon as the lawyer has built you a firm case. If the other party does not cooperate or avoid speaking to your lawyer, he or she will be served papers by the court after your case is filed. If the other party cooperates, your lawyer might try to avoid court and proceed with getting you a settlement via mediation after showing the other party your evidence.

Get in touch with a personal injury attorney about your bicycle accident so you can receive justice.