3 Tips For Negotiating Pain And Suffering In Your Car Accident Claim

Being in a car accident can be quite stressful and overwhelming. There are a lot of different components that come into play to make sure you get what you deserve. Oftentimes, individuals who have been in a car accident are able to claim damages such as lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and more. To help you determine whether you are going to be eligible for pain and suffering damages, check out the following tips.

Have an understanding of what qualifies as pain and suffering.

First, you need to know what constitutes pain and suffering. If you broke your arm in the accident, it is obvious that you are going to be in pain. If that pain ends up causing you to suffer and not be able to do the things that you normally would, that constitutes pain and suffering. Essentially, you have to be dealing with something that is going to affect you in a way that prohibits you from being able to do the things that you once did.

Be prepared with proper documentation.

You have to be prepared to show documentation pertaining to your injuries. The insurance company will need to see just how much those injuries are affecting your daily life. Are they preventing you from being able to work, cook, care for yourself and do anything else that you once did? Do the injuries make you feel ill to the point where you have to lie down and try to recover from the nausea? Your medical records can show what injuries you sustained and how long your recovery is going to take.

Explain how the accident affected you personally.

Another thing you need to do is explain how your being in the accident has affected you on a personal level. Talk about how it is interfering with your ability to take care of your family, play with your children, clean the home, go to work, cook meals for the family and so on. Go into detail about what has changed in your life since being in the accident versus what you were able to do beforehand. All of this is important in determining how much your pain and suffering claim is worth.

When you implement the above information into your case, you will be able to negotiate your settlement and make sure that you get everything you are entitled to in your personal injury case. Contact a business, such as Monohan & Blankenship, for more information.