Getting Additional Health And Legal Help During VA Appeals

Whether your Veterans Affairs (VA) claim or appeal is likely to succeed or not, the wait can be painful. Wear and tear from military service, combat injuries and accidents on the job can create agony that won't wait for an answer from the VA. If you're waiting for a response or working on a new appeal, don't assume that you need to suffer or spend lots of money out of pocket to make the situation better. Keep a few services and options in mind as you wait for the VA's decision and be prepared no matter the outcome.   

The VA Clinic Welcome You

When you filed your first VA claim, you should have been called in for a visit to a local VA facility. If everything went right, you should have been enrolled in VA healthcare services before leaving the VA facility.

Veterans involved in VA claims as of 2014 are told about the new VA identification card that allows easier identification and some civilian-based clinic care depending on what benefits you qualify for. 

The card helps by making veteran identification easier, but the attached benefits have been part of the system for many years. Between major military campaigns, a "lost generation" of sorts exists that may not learn of certain services.

If you've been waiting on an appeal or stopped trying before these new services arrived, you can enjoy the new benefits by confirming your eligibility for benefits on this information page. Although there are multiple categories and exceptions, the basic benefits are given to veterans with an honorable discharge.

If you need cold medication or a medical checkup because of a strange feeling or many other forms of medical assistance not related to surgery, you can walk into the VA to receive assistance. The downside of this service is that there are long wait times at some clinics, which means appointments could take weeks while walk-in visits may take hours for the main doctor consultation.

A Lawyer Can Help You Expand Services

With access tot he VA clinic, you can do a bit of extra research about your VA claim. Set appointments that are related to the problems listed on your complaint in order to get new evidence in the form of examination results.

Eventually, you may need a second opinion. The VA may not be able to give you referral if you're not having an emergency, but a lawyer can help you push through the VA's resistance. By outlining your need for medical care and negotiating with VA officials, a personal injury lawyer can organize a team of medical professionals that can develop the evidence you need for a successful claim. 

The need for a lawyer in this case is unfortunate, but the long wait times related to VA services means that you may need to get aggressive to get the attention you need. Once you have the attention, your lawyer can work on designing a new appeal or adding additional information that may be more likely to succeed. Contact a personal injury lawyer to begin planning strategies for better medical treatment and a more robust VA injury claim.